In continuous efforts to expand and develop our product, we recently developed more features in BRAVO to enhance Usability and improve User Experience. Our Field Inspection Management Software now has:

  • The Voice of the Public.

A Mobile App designed for Reporting, Reviewing, and Rating the services provided by the Client.

  • Enhanced Task Time Allocation.

Task Time Prediction now takes into account the Weight of the Inspection Task. For example, a visit to inspect a Pharmacy takes less time than an inspection visit to a Medical Facility.

  • Enhanced Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

We increased the number and accuracy of KPIs to provide a broader, fuller, more realistic overlook at Performance.

  • Team Chat.

To facilitate communication between inspectors and teams, Direct Messaging or Chatting is now available through Bravo for inspectors to reach each other.

  • Built in Document Management System (DMS)

A DMS allows you to store necessary files within your system, now Bravo can be a safe place where you can store all your related documents and have all your inspection data in one place.

  • Unified Announcement.

Using Push notifications, Bravo can now handle general announcements that need to reach all inspectors. It includes Alerts about faulty products that need retrieving.

  • Ability to measure Inspection Time and Travel Time.

Measuring Inspection vs. Travel Time helps understanding the real scenario of your inspection process, it also helps optimize the output of inspectors and make more accurate predictions for future visits.

  • Gamification.

What’s a better way to get your job done with a little bit of  fun? Gamification is a great way to keep your inspectors motivated to increase their Rating and even win “Inspector of the Month”!


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